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A better way for FIFO workers to stay connected with friends and family!

One Minute Closer is an iPhone and Android mobile app that offers a lifestyle network for those away from home, due to work commitments, to efficiently and effectively communicate with their friends and loved ones.

Travelling workers now have a one-stop platform to stay more personally in touch with people they miss back home, as well as their family and friends that want to remain connected.

One Minute Closer provides a variety of functions and features to help users remember that every moment away is one moment closer to their loved ones.

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What One Minute Closer will do for you.

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Manage & Share your Roster

Working away from home for extended periods is a challenge. Make it easier for family and friends to work around your schedule with One Minute Closer’s roster management system. One Minute Closer gives you the ability to seamlessly plan, administer, project and share your roster in real time. Simply enter your roster cycle or adhoc work travel plans, including annual leave, to share it with your family and friends so they’re always in the loop and more connected to you. Change of travel, roster or leave plans? Simply use the roster edit function and this will automatically update your calendar for all to see. With the ability to share your roster with others and view theirs, the capability to better stay connected to those who are away at work or left at home is hugely increased!

Your Profile Page

Are family and friends always asking where you work, what you do and how long until you’re home? One Minute Closer answers all these questions in one easy reference point. In one location, you can remind people of where you are and what you do, in your own words and language that will make sense! Also, One Minute Closer’s live countdown timer lets them know exactly how long until you’re back home enjoying some well-deserved R&R; all from the palm of their hand. Along with the visible calendar functionality, this gives those that matter in your life more information to make planning around your schedule simpler and more effective. This ultimately results in helping you stay connected to those that you leave behind, allowing you to enjoy your time away that little bit more.

Connect with Group Chats

The first of its kind in the FIFO app space, One Minute Closer lets you and your loved ones message directly within the app. One Minute Closer is a one-stop platform with everything you need to manage your conversations from one-on-one messaging to group chats with multiple participants. With group chats you can organize your time back at home with the whole family, all at once, from anywhere in the world. Even coordinating R&R plans with fellow away workers is easy with One Minute Closer as the roster and message chat is within the same application!!

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