Live’n the Dream!” by Being Prepared for Opportunity – The Mick Andrews follow up

I am not a big believer in luck. Some years back, a fleeting life acquaintance said to me “luck is where opportunity and preparation meet” and that has stuck with me ever since.

Every time I hear someone say “I was so lucky”, or “yeh it was just blind luck” I always come back to this and think of how; even in some small way they have prepared for when opportunity may strike. I mean everyone who has ever won the lotto has prepared themselves for the win by purchasing the ticket!

2 blog articles ago, I wrote about Mick Andrews. An ambitious and dedicated young man that set his sights on his dream.

He planned and executed a FIFO strategy that would see him leave the industry with enough savings and experience to pursue his love of photography and travel. He also made a point to differentiate himself in some way which led him down an unknown path to Central America.

He “lived the dream” in away work to go and live his dream!!

Well since this post I have had plenty of questions about this young man; especially from those in my team and others who knew him.

As you can imagine, travelling remote parts of the world is significantly more exciting than emailing your old boss back so I was quite surprised and excited when I saw his name on an email in my inbox yesterday morning.

When I opened it, I could not believe what I read and was amazed at how his story was unfolding.

Here is what he wrote to me…


Hey mate,

So I’ve been trying to find different people and stuff to do while I’m away that I’d never get to do at home. I’ve been pretty quiet on the whole social media thing for a week or so for a reason. Here’s the story.

About 3 weeks ago I meet a guy who is a travelling journalist from Melbourne and over a few beers we got on straight away. So we decide to work together and do a collaboration or story about something while we are both travelling. 

4 days ago over breakfast I had been reading the Spanish newspaper to try and improve my Spanish when I noticed that there was a huge article about some Cuban migrants only 1 hour away on the Costa Rican border. I knew instantly this was where me and Dave had to go do. We hired a car, hired an interpreter and drove straight there.

We spent the whole day down there interviewing people who had travelled from Cuba and are now on their way to the USA by foot. They are being held at this border because the Nicaraguan government will not let any more Cubans into their country. 

Was a pretty emotional day to say the least as we spoke to countless people who have left everything back in Cuba to chase their dream of being a free citizen in America.

I took photos and video while Dave interviewed.

You want a story for your blog, here you go. Made front page of Vice News. We never thought it would but I loved taking these photos. 

Feel free to share this and name me in everything. 

Not sure where this will take me now but it’s a start. 


Below is the link to the article in Vice News and as you can see when you read it, this was definitely a story worth pursuing.

It wasn’t luck that Mick was reading the paper that day, or that he met a journo to work with. These were both opportunities that crossed his path and the last 2  years preparation meant he could take full advantage of them.

If he had of stayed on at work one more swing…didn’t go on one R&R trip to get more experience, didn’t aim to chase new landscapes or wasn’t so eager to learn Spanish; this article would never have been written.

Mick would never have met Dave, these Cuban’s would have one less voice and Mick would still be drinking coffee in another cafe wondering where his next opportunity would come from.

For more of Mick’s amazing photography and information about him, check him out on Instagram at  mickandrewsphotgraphy and at I’ll be sure to keep you updated on Mick’s progress if / when I get any information. I know I am looking forward to hearing which path he will beat next.

Until the next instalment; keep safe, follow your passion and keep preparing because when that opportunity comes along you want to chase it as hard as you can!! Oh and stay connected!!


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