FIFO FAQs Part 3 – The One Minute Closer App

Yes…it is time for another FAQs blog, but this time it’s not about life working away.

My Part One and Part Two FAQ blogs received a lot of feedback and raised more questions which I have use for subsequent articles or saving for future ones.

So, with the impending release of the One Minute Closer to Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, an FAQ blog on One Minute Closer seemed like a pretty good idea.

Over the past month or so, I have been asked many questions about the release and usability of One Minute Closer; all of which I have tried to address through banners ads and updates on Social Media. Functionality, usability, security…all great questions and many with similar thread.

FIFO Roster App

One Minute Closer was conceptualised for the benefit of away workers. Designed and built in an attempt to make life working away from home just that little bit easier. So I figure if I can collate and answer the questions that potential users of the App have now…it might just make the One Minute Closer experience that little bit more enjoyable and contribute to One Minute Closer being that little bit more beneficial.

Due to the diverse nature of possible users of One Minute Closer and the functionality of the App, I’d like to think of these as AQs because some of them have not been asked frequently but am sure you all will gain benefit from the information presented.

So let’s go…the first round of AQs for the One Minute Closer App:


Q:     Do I have to work away to use your App?

A:     No. In fact One Minute Closer is made to benefit both those who work away and those at home. When you sign up, you choose a Profile Type; Worker or Family / Friend.  There are differences between the profiles which are tailored for each user type.


Q:     So I have to be FIFO to use the App?

A:     No. I have many friends and colleagues working in similar industries and face the same challenges as I do. One Minute Closer was designed and built to benefit all people who regularly travel away from home for significant time frames to work.

When you initially choose the roster function, you have a selection of Roster or Ad Hoc Worker. If you are an Ad Hoc traveller (not on a set roster), you input your first trip and then use the Edit function to add travel as you plan it.


Q:     Who came up with the app name?

A:     I came up with the name for this app in the first couple of weeks. I was mind mapping the concept for what I wanted the app to achieve and brain stormed a few name ideas with the team at Launchpad App Development. One Minute Closer seemed to encompass the intent of this app so it stuck.


Q:     I am a Paramedic and get my roster a month in advance, but is never the same. Can I use your App?

A:     Of course. One Minute Closer was designed with these types of scenarios in mind and in fact we used some sample rosters for Air Hostesses to test this functionality. You set up your profile as an Ad Hoc worker and input your first lot of continuous days on shift. This might be 3 days or 2 weeks; it doesn’t matter.

After this it is simply a matter of using the Edit roster function, tapping the days you are working to change their status. To change the status of 20 days in a month takes approx. 60 seconds.

Work Roster App


Q:     If I want to see someone’s roster, do they have to be a One Minute Closer user?

A:     They need to Sign up as a user. In your community page you can search for existing users of One Minute Closer and send them an invite to connect. If they are not current users, you tap the contacts icon in the top right of the community page and this allows you to choose from your phone’s contacts list and send your family member, friend or colleague a text message invitation.

This message will contain a link to either the App Store or Google Play along with your user name so they can search for you with ease.


Q:     Do I have to allow someone else to see my roster?

A:     Yes you do. When you want to connect with another worker or them with you, a notification is sent and you have to accept this invitation for them to view you Profile and Roster.


Q:    What if my Roster changes?

A:     No problem. One Minute Closer was designed with changes to rosters front of mind. If your roster changes permanently, it is simply a matter of using the Reset Roster function and inputting the new roster details.

If you have a one off change to your roster; again, no issue! Just use the Edit Roster function and change the applicable days in the applicable month and save.

FIFO Worker Roster


Q:    Why the message function?

A:     Well, I know that there are dozens of messenger applications but the intention of One Minute Closer is to have one point of contact for those who work away for extended periods. You can build your community, see when they are working, when they will be home and also chat with them; all in the same application. This includes group messaging that allows you and numerous community members to chat and organise those R&R trips away!

One Minute Closer Android App


Well, I think this is a good start for the current AQs. I will keep updating this list as more users / potential users pose more questions. I am passionate about this app adding value the lives of its users so these AQs will always be actual questions asked by real people and always answered by me.

If you download and use One Minute Closer, please don’t hesitate to provide any feedback; both positive and negative as I am committed to continuously improving the functionality of One Minute Closer.

If there’s a function you want, tell me!! If there is one that you think could work better…tell me!! This app was made for away workers and their family / friends; and if you are reading this article you will know how diverse and dynamic a lifestyle it can be.

Stay tuned for more FAQs, updates and information on One Minute Closer and all things working away.

Until then; keep safe and stay connected!

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