One Minute Closer V1.4 – Coming Soon to the App Store & Google Play

Two days after posting my most recent FAQs blog, the One Minute Closer App was officially launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Two months later, the response to the free lifestyle app has been nothing short of amazing! With nearly 1,000 users worldwide, it’s fantastic to see how One Minute Closer is helping so many FIFO and Away Workers remember that every moment away is one moment closer to your loved ones.

Since the app’s launch in January, we have already released two new versions to fix the initial bugs and provide you with the best app experience possible. And now, after receiving bucket loads of feedback from our 3,000+ Facebook Community, we’re excited to announce that One Minute Closer Version 1.4 will soon be available for iPhone and Android devices.

So what can FIFO Workers and their family and friends expect from OMC V1.4? Check out the app updates and brand new features that you’ve been asking for and will soon be receiving!


Enhanced Worker Calendar with More Date Options

‘Finally, a roster management system that allows me to easily manage and share my FIFO calendar in real-time’. It’s always great to hear this general consensus about the app’s Roster function, as there is no other platform for FIFO Workers to share their roster in such a simple and intuitive manner. So now it’s time to provide an even better Calendar experience for Away Workers and their loved ones!

FIFO Mobile App

Firstly, we understand how shift times can vary across different occupations (Check out my post about Day & Night shifts here). That’s why we’ve added Afternoon Shift and Night Shift date options to provide greater customisation and ingenuity when setting up and editing your roster calendar.

Also, to help you family, friends and colleagues easily understand your colour-coded roster, the updated calendar will feature a colour index that clearly outlines the six roster dates options.

With One Minute Closer’s updated Roster function, managing and sharing your Roster will be easier than ever before!


Improved Roster Setup Process for Adhoc Workers

As you may already know, I’m a Fly-In Fly-Out Worker who created One Minute Closer to help others like me stay better connected to their loved ones while away from home. However, that doesn’t just mean other FIFO Workers.

With many occupations involving dynamic rosters with varied travels, One Minute Closer’s Roster function includes an ‘Adhoc’ option for workers who don’t necessarily have set travel plans. After some great insight from a variety Adhoc Workers, from airhostesses to paramedics, scheduling your ever-changing roster has just gotten a whole lot easier.

When you select the ‘Adhoc’ Roster option, you are directed straight to your calendar. From there, just tap on the calendar dates to change it to a work shift, travel day or annual leave. Once saved, your roster schedule is now viewable to all the followers in your One Minute Closer Community.

FIFO Roster


Brand New Feature to Customise Your Community

The idea for One Minute Closer came from there being no single platform for me and my colleagues to stay connected with our family and friends back home. And so began the task of conceptualising a mobile app integrated across all stakeholders in a FIFO lifestyle – workers, family, friends and other loved ones – to be able to stay connected in one location, in real time.Calendar Roster App

As such, the app’s Community function was the platform created to be one click away from those who matter most to you. To ensure a safe and secure user experience for everyone on One Minute Closer, we have now added a new feature that allows you to unfollow other users

When you select a user in your Community and view their profile, there will now be an ‘Unfollow’ button in the top right that, if selected, will remove that user from your Community.

This allows you to customise your OMC Community to only those family, friends and colleagues that you want to share your time away from home with.


One Minute Closer Version 1.4 will be available for free, worldwide, on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android devices.

What new One Minute Closer update are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below.


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