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The day my training paid off

As I looked around it was surreal. Almost like I’d stumbled across a scene from a TV medical drama. From what I was seeing it wasn’t a far stretch to think that Gregory House, Doogie Howser and Hawkeye Pierce had combined to help yet another hapless Joe that just happened to found in the nick […]

Movember – Where are the Jumbo Mos?? (Guest Blog)

This article was solely written by Karyn Dwyer of Separated by Flying: Grounded and Connected As you probably know, beards have been off limits for Qantas pilots and cabin crew for years. It’s an airline thing as those oxygen masks would never stand up to a full beard or a sexy set of mutton chops. They […]

Separated By Work – The OMC Review

Anyone who has worked away, or had loved ones work away for extended periods, knows that it comes with both a magnification of any existing issues and a set of different challenges from “normal” employment. Folks have countless coping strategies; some excellent and some not so much…some intentional and some on pure subconscious reaction. I’m […]

My FIFO 22 Push-Ups Challenge – The Wrap Up

22 Push-up s a day for 22 days…a challenge I was nominated for back on the 15th of August. This initiative started in the States and has grown legs across social media and for good reason. This awareness campaign highlighted the alarming statistic that 22 US returned servicemen suicide daily due to PTSD and other […]

FIFO-‘preneurs: The day I met Jimmy

Working away in FIFO is an interesting place to be. It’s basically a little melting pot of culture, personalities and most intriguing of all…sense of humours. As I’ve written before in blog 4, one of the best parts about working in this industry is the people you meet. This was also seconded by the Lion Cub […]

Are FIFO Social Connections Important??

How do you live a good life?? That is the million dollar question isn’t it. I’m pretty sure the answer here differs between us all. And it should given our slightly different social conditioning / moral compass alignment…the world would be a dull place if we all knew how to live the same perfect life. […]

The Alchemist and some FIFO analogies.

In a conversation with a colleague some weeks ago, she recommended that I read a book that she reads every year…just to remind her of some home truths and align her for the next 12 months. Now I didn’t take too much notice of this. She fancies herself as a bit of a care free […]

Taking the sting out of missing Magic Moments working FIFO

I saw an email notification on my iPad a few days ago from my son’s teacher. Nothing really out of the ordinary; they are a commutative lot at his school but the subject heading, Assembly Awards, caught my attention. To put some context in here…my wee me’s teacher flagged that she thought he was falling behind […]

Women in FIFO Work: Part 2 – A Diamond in the Rough.

FIFO….what images and stereotypes do those 4 letters conjure for you?? I am sure the exact details are different for everyone but I bet it doesn’t involve young, professional women dressed in high vis clothing and steel cap boots. Well the truth is it probably should as more and more women enter into, and are […]