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Women in FIFO Work: Part 2 – A Diamond in the Rough.

FIFO….what images and stereotypes do those 4 letters conjure for you?? I am sure the exact details are different for everyone but I bet it doesn’t involve young, professional women dressed in high vis clothing and steel cap boots. Well the truth is it probably should as more and more women enter into, and are […]

FIFO FAQs Part 3 – The One Minute Closer App

Yes…it is time for another FAQs blog, but this time it’s not about life working away. My Part One and Part Two FAQ blogs received a lot of feedback and raised more questions which I have use for subsequent articles or saving for future ones. So, with the impending release of the One Minute Closer to […]

A Look Back on 2015 to See What’s Ahead in 2016

Firstly…HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!! Well the start of a new year and the time when the obligatory resolutions are made and the best intentions to keep them are sworn. Myself, I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I think if you really want to make a change, all you need is the […]

“Live’n the dream…” To go & LIVE YOUR DREAM!

“Live’n the Dream…” It’s something most of us say in passing about the last meeting, our day, our week or life on site in general. It’s typically meant in jest as this is the furthest thing from actually living the dream that is possible at the time. I know I say it most days. And most days […]