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Fatigue… Is it the Cracked Step in the Workplace Ladder?

For the past few years, it’s hard; actually pretty much impossible, not to see depression mentioned in the same article as “FIFO”. With the tragic results of depression being well publicized, especially within the working away community, it’s hard to argue the correlation here. As I am far from an expert on depression and have had […]

Some FIFO FAQs Answered… with pictures!!

Everyone gets asked questions about their job. Questions from family, friends and others who are just generally interested. The basic fabric of my job is no different to most peoples; but what is different is where I actually work and the fact I live in an accommodation complex far from home….actually far from anything at […]

19 Tips to Eat Well while Working Away

In my experience, staying fit and healthy is the key to getting the most from life. I know when I am feeling fit and healthy – the air is fresher, the sky is bluer, obstacles are challenges and there are more solutions than problems. The world is just such a better place. A key to feeling […]

What it Means to Work Away from Home

PHOTO CREDIT: Fly in fly out workers Making a living working away from home… What does that mean? For some it means more money, for others adventure, or an opportunity to expand their career horizons; but for the majority of people it is a foreign concept or a journey that is only heard about on the […]